Napkin Notebook 1 “Sleepwalking”


As I was bringing all my fabric and stuff back into my studio from where it’s been in the house since the Open House in June, I came across a whole mess of white napkins.  So I washed them and laid them on top of each other and they looked to me like a big thick sketch pad.

So many blank leaves of napkin, I couldn’t wait to get at it.   I started with the girl, went to the kitchen then saw the books.  Some of it is stitched some of it is marker.  I’m figuring out how to combine the two.  Sleepwalking is the first drawing in my Napkin Notebook.

5 thoughts on “Napkin Notebook 1 “Sleepwalking”

  1. This one really speaks to me. I like the precariousness of the stack of books and the way the kitchen appliances are all piling up on one another. I get a sense of being overwhelmed.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I am glad you are back in your studio. I like this napkin very much, I know it is still a work in progress, but I would like to buy it when it is done. It is so good to see your creative spark back. Tess

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