Kim McMillan’s Felted Purses

Kim McMillan
Kim McMillan’s first felted purse

A few weeks ago, my friend Kim, (who sews my potholders and scarves) said she has something to show me.  Then she pulled out this gorgeous hand made felted purse.  I’ve known Kim for a few of years and she’s always working on something, from quilts to elaborately decorated cakes.  But she always told me that she had to have a pattern to work from.  That she wasn’t interested in making up her own designs.

Until now.  Until Kim’s felted purses.  When Kim first showed me the purse, and I gushed over it, she asked me to be honest and said I could tell her if I didn’t like it.  And I knew just how she felt.  (no really, I know you said you love it and you can’t stop talking about it, but you’re not just saying that are you?)

But it really doesn’t matter what I said or even what Kim said or how she really felt or how she thought I might really feel,  because a week later she made another one. (so all of that other stuff doesn’t really matter)   This time she was inspired by an antique button.  And when she told me of the creative process that went into making the purse, I knew Kim had finally found the artist in herself.  To be inspired by a one thing, one idea  and build a whole piece around it, is how creating works.  After all these years of following other people’s patterns, Kim began following and trusting her own intuition.   And aren’t we all luckier for it.

The other part that makes Kim’s purses so special is her experience and professional craftsmanship. Each purse has a carefully chosen lining to match the exterior and one of them even has interior pockets.

So my next question to Kim was if she would sell them at the Open House in October and then, selfishly,  would  she was still  sew my potholders and scarves for me.  Thankfully, she answered yes to both of them and is now being inspired (by button) to start her next purse. Rumor has it that this one might even have a strap on it.   Kim still has to figure out the pricing and all those other fun details, but she plans on having five done for the Bedlam Farm Open House. (It’s going to be a good one!)

Here’s some photos of Kim’s second and third purse.  And I’ll post more as she makes them.

By Kim McMillan
By Kim McMillan

This one of the lady and the moon was inspired by the antique cameo button.

By Kim McMillan
By Kim McMillan

And those candy green buttons got her to make these flowers.   Below is a photo of  the inside of this purse (with pockets!)…

inside Kim Mc Millan

34 thoughts on “Kim McMillan’s Felted Purses

  1. These are so different from anything else I have seen especially with the buttons. The second one with the cameo is very unusual and may I say I wish I lived on your coast at least in Oct. so as to attend the Open House. These will sell lickety split. Just lovely.

  2. Okay, I used to just enviously say “There must be something in the water supply up there in that neck of the woods.” The level of creative energy is astounding! Now I’m certain of it. Send me water….:)
    And tell Kim the purses are gorgeous.

  3. Oh, please tell Kim that I love these. Am so sorry I won’t be at the Oct. Open House to see them and feel them — I enjoyed talking to Kim so much in June.

  4. Oh, I LOVE these…especially the cameo one with the moon!
    I am, after all, in love with the night sky!
    Would Kim ever make a second one by request?
    Because I KNOW these will sell out in October.

  5. Oh Lordy….I’ve fallen in love with the cameo-moon
    purse! I know it will sell in October. Would Kim
    make a second one for private sale?

  6. These are beautiful and one-of-a-kind. How about a strap just big enough to put a hand through and you have a wristlet? Very popular right now.

  7. It’s like, where have you been keeping all this Kim? These are so cool. I’d buy one definitely! Not selfish Maria, to ask her to still help you out. Being honest and advocating for yourself is admirable Maria. That’s just those old tapes playing again.
    I’m so glad you’ve become friends with Kim~

  8. Maria- It’s wonderful to see how you have inspired others to find their own creativity. These are amazing little purses. They could be tucked into larger bags to make those things we seek so quickly(and are always at the bottom of our bags) as well as stand on their own. Please tell Kim :You go girl!”

  9. Add me to the list of admirers — Kim, these are lovely, and Maria, thank you for sharing them. I particularly love the first one — the colors really sing, and I love the stitches on the flowers.

    I can see this isn’t going to end any time soon, or at least not until a different inspiration strikes.

    Creativity is contagious.

  10. These are little jewels of creativity. Kim should try to approach some of the major retailers like Bergdorf Goodman to see if they might not want to accept some to sell on consignment & potentially leading to more sales. Their one-of-a-kind quality would appeal to such a high end store! You can get their buyers’ address and give it a try!

  11. Maria,
    Does Kim make all felted items out of wool only? When I looked it up online, it says some felted items are made of acrylic and other fibers and not wool.
    The issue is that I am highly allergic to wool, but I love her felted purses! The last felted items I bought from a different website were so prickly, that I had to put my hands in plastic bags in order to handle them.
    If Kim ever makes her purses out of other fibers and still doesn’t have a blog, I hope you’ll put them on your blog.
    Thanks! Mary

    1. Mary, You’ll have to ask Kim about that. Soon she’s have an email and I think a blog too. Then you can talk to her directly about it. But I’ll let you know if she does make them from other fibers.

  12. These purses are beautiful!! I already have people in mind to give them to as gifts. Kim is going to be very busy from here on. How wonderful Maria for encouraging her creative side.

  13. Not that it is important, but I misspelled the name of my book that is on Amazon. It is “The Buddy Tails”. The real reason to say anything about it is because Jon, through his blog has inspired me to write and keep writing to keep my creative spirit alive. It is my hope that many of the readers of the blog will also be brave and write what is in their hearts that must be let out…a healing thing.

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