Toad Needs A Name


I almost stepped on him when I went out to close up the chicken coop a few nights ago.  Then, this morning, he’s in the watering can on the back porch.  Toad lives in the garden but lately he’s been coming up on the porch.  He’s obviously too big for the chickens and cats to lunch on and is making himself at home.

Now that Jon and I are realizing toad is here to stay, as a permanent resident at Bedlam Farm, he or she, (I can’t tell the difference when it comes to toads)  will need a name.  Jon was thinking George, but I’m partial to Eleanor.   Actually this is one of those things that we could use some help with.  So if you have a good name for our new toad, let us know.  (  click here for a picture of him in his natural habitat)

33 thoughts on “Toad Needs A Name

  1. I told Jon I thought is was a female. Eleanor is nice. I also like Winifred. Has a very dignified sound to it.

  2. I vote for a name that can be eith or ( female or male) Theodor(a) Teddi for short. Teddi Toad. Tess, I am partial to T’s.

  3. Oh my! As soon as I clicked on before I even read the story I looked at the toad and thought, “he looks like Marlon Brando” LOL!
    Great picture Maria!

  4. I do not do Facebook, so would you please pass on to Jon that I really liked his poem “The Better Angel”. It speaks to me in many ways as I have always believed in & felt my angels! My idean for the toad’s name is not dignified at all, but looking at the picture of him/her in the greenery, I suggest “Smiley”- a very pleasant expression. I enjoy the writings & art of both of you & especially appreciate your sharing of your life with us. I live in GA & have ordered Jon’s Simon book. Thanks. Mary Ann

  5. When I was on Jon’s page and scrolled down below his entry about the toad, and read the name of Washington’s horse, I thought it would fit the toad perfectly as well. »Nelson« is a great name for a toad.
    I agree that, whatever name is chosen, it needs to be dignified. Every toad’s face has a monocle implied in my mind, and possibly, a top hat.

    1. Yeah, that was my first thought Sandy, but then we had Winston the rooster so then I thought of Eleanor Roosevelt. No disrespect to Eleanor who I admire.

  6. I address all the toads in my yard as Mr. Toad. Since Disney World plays a part in your relationship with Jon, it might be an appropriate name for your little friend as well.

  7. Not necessarily the name I would have chosen, but Toad has advised me that I should tell you his name is Walter.

    Good luck with the new critter!


  8. Oh lovely! We have a toad in our garden every three years or so. We name them Hopalong and this year we have Hopalong The Fourth. We once watched Hopalong The Second sit in the sun on our brick flowerbed edging. He was in the path of a trail of winged ants and he was eating breakfast; the little creatures were walking over his back,straight into his open mouth–tongue flicking in and out! The survivors went on walking in a straight line. I swear there was a broad smile upon his (or her?) face.

    This year we have only our usual leopard frogs which must be the most elegant of all the kinds in existence–so beautiful to see.

  9. I have to admit that this is the first time that I thought of a toad as “cute!” I like the the name “Unke”, which is a name for toad in German.

  10. Oh dear, I too, have admired what I’ve been able to know about Eleanor Roosevelt too, Maria, but that toad just spoke of Winston Churchill, plump, that bulldog look on its face. Well, it will be going into hibernation before long….we’ve already had a mouse underneath our kitchen sink eating the label off a jar…guess the glue tastes good. It’s the first sign of winter ahead…mice coming into the house in the country in the fall is always the first indication aside from mother nature outside changing leaf colours.

    1. Yes, Sandy, the birds have moved out from nest in the eave and the mice are moving in. The nights and mornings are cold and the grass doesn’t grow as quick. The firewood is stacked and the hay is on the way.

  11. I propose “Todd” for the toad’s name. Also, toads drink through their skin so that maybe one reason you find him in the watering can. Very, very nice addition to Bedlam Farm.

  12. I think Bernice if a girl and Bernard if a boy. I was going to say Croaker but I am not sure toads croak.

  13. He looks like a big guy/gal! Good for your garden! I would suggest the name Bufo, the Latin word for toad. Did you know toads live, on average, about 20 years? I just read that- I never knew. May Bufo live long and prosper!

  14. Somehow I like just “Toad” for the name. However, in lieu of that, there is a bit of Sidney Greenstreet to this toad’s plaintive gaze. So I suggest “Sidney”; also a unisex name these days!

  15. Maybe I missed it, but what is Toads name? We have lots of Bufo’s in our Miami suburb’s yard, who have never earned a name. We just hope the dogs don’t get into them. They sure leave much organic poop on the patio.

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