Mrs. Pam’s Quilt

I Mrs pamsn quiltI added that red/orange strip to the left and a thin strip of black and white to the right.  Now Mrs. Pam’s Quilt is ready for a backing.  I’m very happy with the way this quilt turned out.  And there are some parts of it that I especially like.   This is one of them…

Mrs pamsn quilt detail

….The center of the quilt, which was inspired by the potholders I made using Mrs. Pam’s scraps….

Mrs pamsn quilt detail2

….The bottom left corner with that little thin strip of green and orange pieces….

Mrs pamsn quilt detail3….And the lower right corner.  Which feels architectural to me.

Jon and I are going on vacation next week, so I probably won’t get to work on this until we get back.  I’m looking forward to designing the back of it.  I’m not sure which direction it will go in yet, similar colors or opposite, but I have a feeling it’s going to be as much fun to do as the front was.

Mrs. Pam’s Quilt is sold.

8 thoughts on “Mrs. Pam’s Quilt

  1. Wow! The center is mesmerizing. The quilt has a feeling of autumn and the harvest. Like a piece to curl up under on a porch in cool air with a good book, wood smoke in the air and that peculiar wonderful light of autumn…hmmmm…

  2. I really like this, the sense of movement. You almost feel like you’re going to fall into that asymmetric center. Which I guess is not at all a bad thing if it’s on a bed, right?

  3. This is so beautiful. Thanks for the close ups ! It has a lovely fractal feel, if one can use the word “feel” with fractal. Why not ? 🙂

    1. I had to look up the meaning of fractal, Virginia. I’m still not sure I know what it means, but from the definition, it does sound like it has texture and a “Feel”

  4. Your beautiful quilts always have a feel to me Maria. It’s like an energy it sends out. Of course I had to look up fractal in my dict/thesaus too! I think fractal certainly can be an adjective for feel.Virginia sees an irregular curve repeating itself in the quilt and now I see it too! I’ve seen this in some of your previous works too.
    Have a blast at the Cape! We’ll be there the following week. I would have loved to show you my daughter’s condo. It’s so beautiful. 🙂

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