Frieda and the Hens

Frieda and the hens
Frieda and the hens

The two young hens have taken to walking around the dog run.  None of the hens have ever done this before.  The first time I saw them fly over the fence and Frieda was in the yard,  I was a bit nervous, wondering what she would do.   But it seems Frieda has either accepted that the hens live here and so she should leave them alone, or she just doesn’t care anymore.  Whatever it is, Frieda now shares the dog run with the hens on a regular basis.   They’re not the least bit afraid of her and she doesn’t seems to pay too much attention to them either.

2 thoughts on “Frieda and the Hens

  1. There really is quite a story in this lovely photo. The years with Izzy(his dog house), all the hens,chicks and demonic roosters and finally Frieda the Great, still presiding over her territory. I love this photo. 🙂

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