Penis Potholders

My Penis Potholders-  “Ode to Rudy”  (sold)-” Vintage Hankie Penis Potholder” (sold)- “Patchwork Penis Potholder” (sold)- “Pocket Penis Potholder” (Sold)and “Linen Napkin Penis Potholder”(Sold)

I have to say, I never imagined I would spend the day stitching penises.  How did this happen, I kept asking myself.  Then I thought of  what Diane said on facebook.  That my post yesterday was really about knocking down taboos.  And that’s just what I was doing today.  Again and again, each time I stitched  a penis, and thought about how I would make the next one, I chipped away at the taboo.  I had fun with it too. “Penis faces!” Jon said when he saw them, laughing.  Once I thought to draw a penis, I didn’t have to think  twice about what they’d look like.

It’s the creative process, an evolution.  I go to a museum and see a piece of art that makes an impression on me.  A week later I’m still thinking about it and wondering why.  So I write about it to try and understand exactly what’s going on.  And I find out, it’s about the taboo, the beliefs I still hold somewhere inside of me even though they aren’t  my beliefs anymore.   And so I go into my studio and discover how I really feel about it all.   And because all my new ideas often begin in the form of a potholder, well, it’s the natural next step for me.  And before I know it, I’m spending my day stitching Penis Potholders.

There’s Ode to Rudy (Nureyev, that is),  one stitched on a Vintage Hankie ( I like the juxtaposition between the idea of the hankie and the penis.  And that purple hankie has the perfect frame for the penis), there’s the denim penis (very manly)  on patchwork, there’s Pocket Penis stitched on a man’s shirt pocket, and the last penis is stitched on a pink linen napkin with white embroidered flowers (not visible in this photo but there) with a laurel of leaves framing it.

Some people believe in spending New Year’s Eve doing something they’d want to be doing in the new year.  I’m thinking about what Jill wrote in my comments.  That in 2015 she’s going to be asking herself one question concerning just about everything.  That question is “Who Says?”  Magic taboo breaking words if you ask me.

I don’t know if anyone really wants a Penis Potholder hanging in their kitchen, but it makes no difference to me if I sell these or not.  The important thing is I questioned those old “shoulds” and broke some personal taboos.  For me,  a wonderful way to end the old year and start a new one.

My Penis Potholders are  All Sold! (aren’t I surprised!)for sale.  They are $20 each + $5 shipping.  If there’s a Penis Potholder in your future, just email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.  Oh,and…. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Penis Potholders

  1. omg………it’s truly been one funny special “arty penis” day. Between your post of Rudy, my stumbling across the Play-doh x-mas parent outrage and now these classic potholders. What fun with content (taboo recognition) it has been today. Thanks ! Still laughing. Laughing my way into 2015. xo

  2. Maria, you are a hero. Or a heroine , or whatever. I loved your post yesterday and now this. There seems to be a discomfort in our society with male genitalia, not sure why.

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