Restful Successful

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We did rest yesterday, not the whole day but in a good way.   I know it was good because  today my monkey mind was actually quiet.  I didn’t wander from where I was all day.  And I also know it was good because I had a dream last night that confirmed to me that I was getting centered.

In my dream I met an old southern woman in a park.  She was part of a religious group that was gathered there.  She was doing a painting on a giant boulder.  She told me she’s been working on it for 20 years.

I knew, when I woke  up that the woman was me and the rock represented my spiritual center. I felt strong and calm.  That feeling has stayed with me all day.  I hope to hold onto it for the rest of our vacation, at least.  I’d love to be able to remember it always.

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