The Big Movie

Jon taking a picture of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of the Disney Castle.
Jon taking a picture of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of the Disney Castle.

One of the things that happens at Disney is music.  Everywhere you go there’s music playing…like you’re in a movie.  And that’s just what it’s supposed to be like.  I know because the guy driving the  boat that takes us from the Wilderness Lodge, where we’re staying, to The Magic Kingdom told us that’s why they have music everywhere.  Walt wanted us to feel like we were in a movie.

And the music is big.  You know, big movie music.  Like from the old westerns, especially at the Wilderness Lodge, because that’s the theme of the Wilderness Lodge. The old west, romanticized and Disneyfied, of course.

So we get in the elevator and it’s like something wonderful just happened because the music is there with us and it’s sounding like Ta Da!  And we walk to the bus, that takes us to  Animal Kingdom and there’s the music making me feel like I’m  driving cattle with John Wayne in a black and white movie.  And we go to the Whispering Canyon Cafe for breakfast   and the music is quiet and brooding and I know it’s leading up to something big.  And then,  I go to the bathroom.  And yes, honestly, the music follows me.  And suddenly I realize I don’t want my life to be a movie.  I want to be in that stall alone.  But this is Disney and the music is everywhere.   And I can’t help but think about the timing.  The slow roll to the big Ta!Da! and how it will all work out in the movie.  So I flush the toilet and the big clouds roll through the endless sky on the lonesome prairie as the Swiss family Robinson rides off in their wagon after having dinner with the friendly indians.  Or something like that.

3 thoughts on “The Big Movie

  1. Maria, I’m finding Jon’s comments about Disney and his persona very interesting. My children and me, as well, grew up in an era of Disney movies. Bambi was my first ever movie as a child. But to learn more about the man fascinates me. And your postings, different than Jon’s, I feel as though I’m walking inside your head with you looking out through your eyes at Disneyworld. I’m feeling it. I’m glad you had a day of peace free of that mischievous ‘monkey mind’…it seldom gives me a rest…
    Thanks for taking us on this journey many of us may never take.
    SandyP in Canada.

  2. MUSIC ALL THE TIME?!? EVEN IN THE BATHROOM?!? I’D GO CRAZY!! I am not hounded by a mind that won’t slow down, and PEACE for me comes with a certain amount of quiet. This is a most interesting way to run a theme park, send the theme music EVERYWHERE!! Annie

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