Don’t Eat My Apple Tree

The apple tree in the pasture
The apple tree in the pasture

I felt like Mr Radley, from To Kill A Mockingbird, when he  cemented up the hole in the tree where Boo was leaving things for Jem and Scout. There I was wrapping the trunk of the  apple tree in the pasture with chicken wire and all the sheep are standing at the top of the hill staring at me.

But I was pissed and I told them.  You eat the bark off this tree, I growled at them, and no more shade, no more apples, no more beautiful old apple tree!  The holes in the turkey wire I used to wrap the tree were too big.  Apparently the sheep could get their little teeth right through them.  They pulled so much bark off the tree, I’m afraid it might not survive.

Now there’s three layers of chicken wire wrapped around the tree.  Maybe they’ll leave it alone and go back to eating the barn.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Eat My Apple Tree

  1. Same here. I have 3 really old apple trees in the yard and when I let the sheep over here, they eat the bark. I have tried spraying stuff on the bark, but it doesn’t matter. They eat it anyway. I may just have to wrap the trunks too. But, they are getting buds anyway!! So maybe there is hope for the trees. I hope your old tree will survive. I love all the tree photos. Keep them coming!

    1. That’s encouraging Kris. I feel a bit better about it. they are tough, those old apple trees. The chicken wire seems to be working the holes of too small for them to get through. Good luck!

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