Crow Quilt Continued

crow quilt 7

I got some new ideas about what to do next on my Crow Quilt when we were at the Open Mic Night at The Round House Cafe last night.  There’s something about listening to live music, it doesn’t matter what kind so much, it’s that it’s live, that gets my creative mind going.

As I was sitting there, I saw the patchwork square on the bottom right, instead of the whole piece I had there yesterday.  And I saw big fields of solid colors surrounding it and the top left piece.  I didn’t quite go with the large solids, but it got me started.  Once in the studio, I could see what I wanted to do.

crow quilt 8

This is as far as I’ll get today. Wish I had the afternoon to continue.  I have some ideas about what to do next. But I’m volunteering at the Cambridge Co-op today (I get to work with Kim, always fun) so I’ll have to get back to this on Monday.  Unless I get the urge to work on it over the weekend.  That may happen, but usually doesn’t.  There’s so much other stuff to do on the weekend and my ideas will keep.

One thought on “Crow Quilt Continued

  1. Maria, What ever magic the artistic music played in your head it came out on the design for us all to enjoy ! Wow ! Beautiful !

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