My Superman Potholder In Its New Home

Adam, Austin and May
Adam, May( their border collie) and Austin with the “Superman Potholder”

Diane bought one of my Superman Potholders (which was made from Red’s bandanna) back in November.

Her son Adam is a Superman fan and Diane buys him anything Superman, even socks.  But the potholder isn’t for Adam.  He went away to college this fall and now every time Diane walks into her kitchen and see’s the Superman Potholder it reminds her of Adam.

I never imagined, when I made those  Superman Potholders, that one of them would have so much meaning to someone.

2 thoughts on “My Superman Potholder In Its New Home

  1. I’m surprised that you would think your art, whether it be your quilts, potholders, scarves, or whatever you create, would not have “so much meaning to someone.” I think that is what makes your art so unique–the thought and meaning that goes into each of your projects. They all spring from your heart, mind and creativity. Your words, too, hold a great deal of meaning to me. Often, they are like springboards to my own thoughts and I want to sit down and share them with you. I just never organize my time well enough to share. I will though; your experience with Chloe and how it has related to things in my own past make me want to share one of my own experiences. I promise I will write. Enjoy your day. Jane

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