Hold me close to the earth

Hold me close to the earth
Hold me close to the earth

This is one of those pieces that came rushing out of me.  It was those thoughts I was thinking, that I mentioned yesterday, which somehow came together and became this wall hanging.   The words surprised me.  I thought something the opposite of the curvy roots would work in them.  I could see letters there, but I didn’t even know what this piece was all about, so I didn’t have words for it.  And as quickly as I thought that, the words came.   But I had to write each sentence down before the next would come.  It’s as if there wasn’t enough room for all the words at once.  I had to move them out of the way and make space for what would come next.  I don’t actually feel like I had much to do with any of it. It just happened.

I found the old linen to stitch it on in much the same way.  I just looked through what I had until I found the “right” one.  This linen was cut in half speckled with rust stains, imperfections.   And it was perfect.

I love that the linens I use have a history.  Some I know a bit about and others are mysteries.  I’m never starting with a blank page, from the very beginning I’ve already given away some control.  Wabi-Sabi, nothing is perfect or complete, change is constant.   And in this, there is beauty.

Hold me close to the earth is sold.

hold me close to the earth detail

hold me close to the earth detail 1


2 thoughts on “Hold me close to the earth

  1. Lovely. Reminds me of Dave Matthews’ One Sweet World: Let us sleep outside tonight; lay down in our mother’s arms; for here we can rest safely.”

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