Dancing Trees with Attitude

Tree Potholders
Today’s Tree Potholders

I confess, I  love drawing trees. With pencils, or markers, the end of a burnt match or on my sewing machine.  It’s really meditative making all those leaves.

And each tree is like a person to me.

They have their own posture and bearing. They’re all grounded , but some are more playful than others.

That pink one  has attitude.  And the lovers on the top are still a bit awkward, while the ones on the bottom have melted into each other.  That blue one in the middle has a calm about it and the orange tree below it is a bit of a peacock.  I think the first one, with the bird in it, is just starting to dance.

I will be selling these trees when they’re all done.  But if you see one you like you can let me know ([email protected]).  They’re $23 each + $5 shipping.

9 thoughts on “Dancing Trees with Attitude

  1. They remind me of the Song of Solomon, especially the pairs. How appropriate… enjoy the wedding!

  2. Those blocks sewn together just the way they are placed now would make an amazing wall hanging. A real statement.

  3. Hi Maria – I really like the personalities on each tree grouping. So interesting that you write that trees are like people to you. Native people call trees ‘standing people’. I so enjoy your work and your blog!


  4. Tree potholders- Marvelous. Your trees all have their own personality and attitude. To feature them on potholders seems to highlight their individual beauty. I always smile with the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” which speaks a truth, however, sometimes you “can’t see the trees for the forest”, speaks another kind of truth. Trees can become some sort of amorphous mass of vegetation, when each is a work of art. They need to be seen individually. You do that.

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