Off With The Wool Coats, Shearing Day

Jim and Tom shearing Liam and Zelda
Jim and Tom shearing Liam and Zelda

Jim and Tom chose the most difficult sheep first, Liam and Zelda.  But they both settled down pretty quickly once they were on their backs.  I heard Liam, who is usually very quiet,  baa for his mother, Suzy, when she  was being shorn.

I had my labeled plastic bags ready and scooped up the wool as it came off of them.  Trying to keep it as clean as possible.

Tom trimming Kim's feet
Tom trimming Kim’s feet

I think Kim’s been spending time on the manure pile, because the wool under her was really dirty.  But because they were shorn in the fall, there were few brambles for them to get caught in their wool.  And because of the snow,  they couldn’t roam all winter so their wool is mostly free of seeds and burdock.

Deb with Socks and Pumpkin
Deb with Socks and Pumpkin

As difficult as Zelda and Liam are, Deb was even worse.  She gave Jim the run around when he tried to catch her  and was leaping across the Pole Barn.  Making noise the whole time.

Socks with Kim and Zelda sniffing each other.
Socks with Kim and Zelda sniffing each other.

Socks was the last to get shorn.   Behind her, Kim and Zelda are sniffing each other.  Often, after they’re lose their woo,l they don’t recognize each other. So they do a lot of sniffing to get reaquainted.

Red keeping order
Red keeping order

Of course, Red was there to keep the sheep together.

That’s Zelda, Suzy, Deb, Lulu and Socks up front.

Deb was the first one out of the pole barn, standing on a rock trying to make herself look bigger.  They were all happy to be outside again and have some hay.

I’ll be cleaning their wool over the next few days and hopefully get it to the mill next week.  Last year’s wool is ready too, so I’ll pick that up.  It’s two batches, one from spring and one from the fall, so I’ll have a lot of yarn and roving to sell.  .  I do have a list of people who have made special requests for certain sheep’s wool.  Once I  figure it all out, I’ll let you all know what I have available for sale.



10 thoughts on “Off With The Wool Coats, Shearing Day

  1. Maria I know I reserved one skein of wool but these sheep look soooo good that I would like 2 skeins of white. Could you please label the sheep it comes from. Hope that is alright with you. thanks Joan

  2. Love all these photos and your story Maria! I think I’d like some white wool if you have any to sell. If not from the last shearing, maybe this one? I did finally finish the mitten’s from Tess’ wool ~ I should send you a photo! 🙂

  3. This is like a wonderful picture story book – I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love that tough Liam baahed for his mama when she was being shorn and that Deb was the event’s drama queen.

  4. Maria, You and Red have this shearing business all figured out. It seems so calm and mindful! I would love 2 skeins of white this year. I would especially love the soft wool that the shearer complemented. If lots of snow keeps weeds out of sheep’s wool, at least you have found one good use for it!! Rainbows around every corner.

    1. That was Sock’s wool Susie. And I’ll put you on my list for 2 skeins. I think this time of year is already tough on the wool. For Deb anyway. I saw all these brown spots on her and on closer look saw they were seeds. I just may give up on Deb’s wool.

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