“Standing People” Some Tree Potholders Sold Out

You Are Beautiful
I Am  Beautiful Sold

I wasn’t planning on making this tree look like a very confident woman, but that’s just what I saw when I finished it.  Can you see it in her posture? She’s saying,  Here I am and I am beautiful.

Janet wrote to me and said some Native American tribes called trees Standing People.  That’s just how I see trees.  And I think it shows in my Tree Potholders.

Yesterday, Kim finished assembling my Tree Potholders and I have a few for sale.  Sold Out. They are stitched on tea-stained Vintage Hankies and are $23 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more.( shipping is a bit more outside the US)   If you recognize one of these Standing People and would like to have them in your home, just email me here at [email protected].

Here’s the rest of my Tree Potholders….

Lovers SOLD

You know how sometimes two trees will grow so close to each other they start to grow into each other.  When I see this in the woods, I always think of them as lovers.

Wise Old Tree
Wise Old Tree Sold

In the book, Ancient Trees by Beth Moon, she has may photos of big old oaks with giant trunks and tiny leaves. They’re a bit misshapen by  their life experiences and many of them are hollow.  All the living is in the bark and a thick layer of trunk beneath it.  But, often, the center of the tree creates a cavern big enough for people to walk into.  Looking at them, I know they have something to teach us.

Twin Tree
Giving Trees Sold

Trees are so alive in so many ways.  From what happens inside of them that we don’t see, to the evidence of life in the leaves and growth that happens every year.  But there’s also all the creatures who live in them and the food and oxygen they give to us.

Dancing Trees
Dancing Trees SOLD

Those trees that grow so close to each other sometimes, but are not yet connected, often make a kind of music when the wind blows.  When they rub up against each other, I always stop to listen, to see which trees are singing.  And if they’re singing, they’re dancing too, every time the wind blows.


4 thoughts on ““Standing People” Some Tree Potholders Sold Out

  1. These trees have such flair. I always stop to hear the “tree squeak” I call it. It is in a clump of trees right next to our deck. I like to imagine what they are saying. Your dancing trees immediately hit me as comforting trees. Maybe this says a bit about where our souls are at presently.

  2. Hi Maria, this is not about trees, but about quilts and crows – have you read Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Invention of Wings”? I am returning it to the library today and wanted to make sure you know about it. A quilt plays a key role – a quilt with crows! I love the book. I assume a zillion people have told you about it – just making sure! Janet

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