A Pony in our Pasture

Chloe in the Trailer with Eli
Chloe in the Trailer with Eli

We have a pony in our pasture.  Eli and Ken Norman brought Chloe to Bedlam Farm this afternoon.  Eli backed her our of the trailer and I walked her into the pasture.  Chloe wandered in and  she and the donkeys and sheep had a stare down.


Then the donkeys started to run and  Chloe took off after them.  This went on for at least a half hour.  Donkeyp, Pony and sheep running in circles.

Eli, Ken and Jon (in the way back) watching the chase.
Eli, Ken and Jon (in the way back) watching the chase.

Eventually Chloe went off to graze and  Fanny and Lulu kept an eye on her, from a distance.

donkeys watching chloe

Now things have settled down.  I think it will be a few days before they’re all grazing together but there doesn’t seem to be any hostility passing between them. There wasn’t even any kicking.   It more like they’re just trying to figure this new situation out.

And me, I know how I feel about having Chloe here.  It feels like she belongs.  And it made me smile and call her name when I looked out the window and saw her walking towards the pole barn.  Maybe I’ll open all the gates and go for a ride around the pastures tomorrow.  That way I’ll know it’s not all just a dream.



9 thoughts on “A Pony in our Pasture

  1. Wow! You did it! Can you believe it? Your very own pony! You must go for that ride tomorrow!(if you can wait that long!)
    I’m so very happy for you. I can’t wait to meet her and Fate!

    1. She’s great with Fate, just ignores here really, not very interested. Although Fate is interested in her. A good pair already.

  2. Congratulations! She is lovely, and oh the times you’ll have together. Don’t get frustrated or lose confidence if it all seems new again despite your lessons and all, because it is all new!

  3. My heart lept with joy reading your post! I know those feelings you expressed and I am so happy for you! Welcome to the most wonderful journey of having a special pony in your life…nothing like it! Happy day!

  4. Maria,
    I’m so happy for you. I wished for a pony when I blew out my candles
    every year as a child. I never got one and it doesn’t look like I will
    at this point in my life. But I felt the connection – I know what you’re talking about. Chloe is beautiful and so are you.

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