Chloe’s Pasture


Chloe’s settling in.  Actually she seems to have taken over the place.  She struts around like she’s the queen of Bedlam.  Maybe it feels good to finally be the biggest animal in the pasture.  She and Fanny and Lulu are grazing together but she’s still chasing the sheep.  I don’ t think she knows what they are.  I do think she believes they shouldn’t be there.  Poor sheep are getting the run around.  We separated them for a while today so they could get used to each other at a distance.  Like many things, I think it will just take time.

6 thoughts on “Chloe’s Pasture

  1. Fate is still a puppy – and like all good puppies, she is doing what puppies do. She is beyond adorable, especially that face and beautiful eyes.

  2. I stumbled across your blog this morning while reading one of Jon’s recent posts, and I’ve been enjoying your perspective. I’m enjoying all from your Fate’s youth, Chloe adapting to the sheep, and your art work.
    My Parker will be two later this month, and he is settling in nicely. It has taken awhile because border collies are inquisitive, energetic, and filled with the urge to explore. I look forward to reading more about Fate, Chloe, Red, and the other animals.

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