Fate in all her puppyness

fate in front of studio

I was thinking of Frieda today.  Not of the times she ran off into the woods and didn’t come back for hours.  Or of how she would chase Minnie up a tree and terrorize the chickens. Or how she would dig up the hostas I just transplanted in front of my studio.  I was thinking of how she would sit in my studio for hours and work with me.  How she never once walked on one of my quilts that was laying on the floor, how she was the perfect studio dog.

I was thinking of Frieda when I suggested to Jon that we trade dogs.  I would get Red and he could have Fate. Not because I don’t love Fate and all her puppyness, I do and she’s just the cutest thing.  You can see it in the photos, right? The way she tilts her head and those different colored eyes and all.  She really cute in a photo and in real life too.  Most of the time. Except when she’s not.  When she starts running around like a mad dog, picking up and pulling down everything she can find.  Trying to chew on my dress or the backs of my legs.   Then I put her in her crate where she only wines for a moment or two.   Or I do some calming training, (sit, stay, come) until we both lose interest which doesn’t take long.  Or I put her outside.  All things that work in their own way.

But still, it would be so much easier to have Red in my studio.  He already knows what to do and what not to do.  And he never wines and isn’t curious about the fabric piled on the chair or in the garbage pail.   And he seems genuinely happy to just sit next to Jon when he writing.  He doesn’t want to do anything else, like try to bury rawhide in the floor.

It would be so much easier, except, now I’m looking at Fate sleeping in her crate.  And I’m thinking that if I can just hold out a little while longer, and be a little more patient and take the time to teach her, she could become a great studio dog like Frieda was.  So I guess we’ll keep at it.   Anyway, I don’t think Jon’s ready to give up Red.

10 thoughts on “Fate in all her puppyness

  1. Love those truthful thoughts, Maria, about the wild days of puppydom. As Jon is want to point out, we don’t always get the dog we want but need. I look at AnnieBanni here and think, I had two quiet female Aussies before her, why can she be like them. Well, she’s from one of the top kennels in the US, looks and struts gorgeous but yelp, whine, control, bark, holy cow, she drives me nuts about half the time, the other half she’s obedient, loves me to bits but……I thought all Aussies were pretty much the same. Maybe not a bad idea to trade Jon for a day’s training a week. Sounds like that’s something he’s very good at…and you could take Red for one quiet day in the studio. I suspect Fate would have the whole place turned upside down if she’s a mind to do it. About another two or three years should do it, she might be calm by then,
    SandyP in Canada

  2. Training a puppy is a LOT of work. Jon loves to train dogs so maybe sometimes when Red isn’t needed for herding, the two dogs could trade spots sometimes, just for awhile? Not permanently, of course. I think you will all come out just fine in the end, especially if you do some trading.

  3. oh, Maria. You will have to hold out a LOT longer, not just a *little* longer. This is the challenge of puppies…… I think (in my experience with Hamal) one has to lose the time factor in expectation, want, desire…(all of these being rather subconscious) and know that reward will come with patience and love, just as you are doing. And…..I know that Jon would never even consider trading dogs LOL!!!!!!! You are on the right track, breathe…….love, continue to be patient. Fate is already blossoming into exactly what you wish for.
    Hugs from Calif
    Susan M

  4. Wow. Fate sounds like a . . . What do they call them? Oh, a PUPPY!

    Wonder what Red was like at 11 weeks old. Or Frieda. Hmmmmm. . .

    Hang in there. It’s worth it. It’s SO worth it.

  5. Don’t give up! I know I don’t have to say that. I went through all of this with my sweet old lady 14 years ago. I wondered how I would get through it. Looking back, I see how lucky I was, as she really was pretty good, puppy-wise. A friend said to me back then that at some point dogs just start to do what they’re supposed to do. And that really did happen in Daisy’s case. And now that she is gone, I know I would love to have some of it back. Because it was fun, funny, it made me laugh all the time and brought a light-heartedness I needed, without realizing it. Good luck. She is a beauty!

  6. I currently have a 5 month old German Wirehaired Pointer, and patience is something that gets tested daily. We recently lost our 13 year old Labrador, who was in MY eye, near perfect. We also have a 12 year old Australian Shepherd. I have had many days thinking why did we get a puppy. But those times during the day when the training goes well and just to sit and laugh at his antics, makes it all worth it. Having the dogs unconditional love and devotion to you is priceless. This little boy has stolen my heart. Hang in there, it’ll all be worth it.

  7. Your loving patience will pay off! Based on the pictures she is growing quickly. Best wishes to you all!
    With love,
    From Fran

  8. She is adorable! In this photo it looks just like she has two antennae growing out of the top of her head! Puppies are a lot of work, but unlike babies you can leave them at home in a crate!

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