The Fertile Void

Fate curled up and fell asleep  in the top of a cardboard box in my studio

Yesterday I brought all the bags and boxes of fabric that were piled up in our dining room, back to my studio.  I moved back the furniture and all the things that I hang on my walls and put on my windows.  I refolded all the fabric and placed it neatly on the shelves.

And today I didn’t step a foot in my studio.  Someone told me it’s called the fertile void and  I liked that.  It’s stepping away from the studio, the routine of creating, to allow something new in.  Today, I walked, I rode Chloe and I swam.  Making space for my creativity to work without me getting in the way. Making space for whatever is inside me to emerge.

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in my studio.  Tomorrow I’ll go into a familiar and new place.  And I’ll see what happens.

4 thoughts on “The Fertile Void

  1. I love this. I do it all the time and now I have a name for it! I truly do find myself “waiting for it to emerge”, and am getting more and more comfortable with the fact that it will. Great post. Thank you!

  2. “the fertile void”……I really feel that concept and love your quilt landscape. In early 1990 I first read “women who run with the wolves.” Clarrisa’s work is eloquent and practical. thanking you and thinking of you too,

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