The Back to my Back Quilt

Elephantq uilt and back

I almost finished making the back to the back of my  Three Elephant Quilt today.   I have to admit I’m a bit confused.   When I was working on it, choosing the colors to work with the other side, they seemed to go.  But now that I’m almost done, I don’t really see the connection much.  Maybe in small places here and there, but not overall.

And it doesn’t really look like one of the backs of my quilts, but it doesn’t look quite like a front either.

I’ve seen two-sided quilts before.  Where there’s no front or back, I guess that’s more a quilt with two fronts. Not what I was trying to do.

Anyway, I’m going to finish off the back of the back tomorrow and put this quilt together and see how it works as a whole quilt.


6 thoughts on “The Back to my Back Quilt

  1. I love the elephant quilt the first time you showed it. I heard lovely music as they walked along. Now the back of the back quilt. Think of two seasons. Maybe fall and spring? I think they will be very nice together. The final decision would be how they feel. Looking good…

  2. But maybe a back of a back doesn’t need the same connection as a back to a front. Whether its a back to a back or a front to a front- whatever it is I like it and appreciate your journey.

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