My Sheep Socks


I’m not sure, but I always believed that my sheep Socks was the lamb to my sheep Tess.  Tess was my first sheep and she was a sweet heart.   Socks was only about a year old when I got her and she would hang around Tess, but for some reason, I never asked the farmer I got her from if she was Tess’  lamb.  But Socks is sweet like Tess was.  She lets me scratch her back and comes to sniff me sometimes.  She’s really very friendly, not as skittish as some of the other sheep.

Last year, her lamb Pumpkin had really dark wool, but his wool is lighter this year.   That means Socks’ wool will be the darkest of the whole flock.

Just after I took this picture of Socks, Chloe, who was standing next to me, leaned over and gave her a sniff.  She usually doesn’t bother much with the sheep so I was surprised to see her  interested in Socks.  Socks didn’t seem to mind at all.

Socks and Chloe
Socks and Chloe

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