Intuition Dolls for the Bedlam Farm Open House

Intuition Dolls

I’m thinking about the Bedlam Farm Open House.  I can’t help but think about it, it’s  just a little over a month away.  I made some potholders for it, and I have a little list on a scarp of paper hanging in my studio of some other ideas of things I want to make for it.  Something different this time I thought.

So this morning I got the itch to try to make some Intuition Dolls.  You know, these are based on the doll that  Vasalisa’s mother gave her in the fairy tale Baba Yaga.  A symbol of her mother passing on the idea of the importance of intuition.  How we need to learn to trust our own intuition and act on it to allow it to become stronger.   I  made an Intuition Doll for my self a while ago and wrote about it on my blog.  My personal Intuition Doll was based on my I’m Alive Goddess that showed herself to me around the same time.

My Intuition Doll has a different vibe than the dolls I made today who are loosely based on some of the goddesses and  goddess symbols in my Language Of the Goddess book by Marjia Gimbutas.  I think they reflect the idea of intuition coming from an earthy and gutteral place.  And their trance-like expression suggests an ease and confidence in themselves.

I’m not sure how much I’ll sell these for yet or if they’re something people will want.  But I did like making these women and I can see making some more.  It would be great to see a bunch of them together, see what kind of mojo they can conjure up.


8 thoughts on “Intuition Dolls for the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. I love the intuition dolls. I can’t believe that you think people might not want one—-or more. They are wonderful and so creative. I especially love the one on the left. She “moves” so gracefully and I love the expression on her face. They will fly off the shelves at the next open house. I think they express the ease and confidence that you have in creating something new and different. Keep up the good work.

  2. They are something people would want, at least this person. I am in love (but I live in California).

    I am about to be part of a group making clay goddesses with beautiful stones embedded in them. Lots of goddess energy.

    Thank you for sharing your art heart

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