Chloe, never a slim girl and getting back on the horse


Chloe grazing in the back pasture.
Chloe grazing in the back pasture.

A few days ago Jon got some comments on his facebook page saying that Chloe might be gaining too much weight.  I had gotten a similar email from someone I know a couple of weeks ago.   When our farrier Ken was here about a month ago he said that Chloe looked good.  Ken would know, not only has he been a farrier for a long time, but we got Chloe from Ken and his wife Eli.  She lived with them for about 6 years.  Many of Eli’s riding students started out on Chloe.

But that was a month ago and when Jon got the messages I wanted to make sure that Chloe wasn’t getting too heavy.  When she came to live with us she hadn’t had a lot of fresh grass, she ate mostly hay, so we knew she’d gain some weight, we actually wanted her too.   But knowing the difference between enough and too much is not something I’m familiar with when it comes to horses.

So I called on the expert.  I texted Eli and she’s coming tomorrow.  My message was, I could use a little pony help and I told her about my concern about her weight.   Eli replied that she was wondering how we were doing and  “Remember”, she said  “Chloe’s half Halflinger, stockier in build, she’s never going to be (nor should be) a slim girl”.   But Eli will know for sure if Chloe’s too stocky when she see’s her tomorrow.

I’m glad Eli’s coming to see Chloe and to give me some help and encouragement.  Because I’ve just admitted to myself that ever since Chloe thew my friend, I’ve been afraid to ride her.  I got on her back a few times, but not for long.  I have spent time with her everyday.  Grooming her, picking her hooves, checking her ears and applying insect repellent, putting her saddle and reins on her and walking around the pastures.

I never felt like Chloe would intentionally throw me, I always felt safe on her back, but that fear settled in my when I saw it happen to someone else.  That old saying about getting back on the horse, well, I need a little help with that.

The thing is, in most ways, I feel closer to Chloe than ever, and more confident around her and handling her.  Except for getting on her back, then my heart starts to pound.  So, until tomorrow, with Eli’s knowledge and horse wisdom,  I’ll know a little more about Chloe and myself.


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  1. Dear Maria — I am just getting to “know” you, the you that you share on your blog. I think you are a creative amazing spirit with great love for animals. I love your work, I have always been drawn to textiles and texture and am reconnecting with sewing and knitting, perhaps I’ll even spin at some point!

    My sense is that not only would Chloe never knowingly throw you, I think she ONLY wants you to ride her, you are her claimed person and best friend now. She wants to leave her lesson horse life behind, someone else riding her feels like that old story. I know she was a loved and well treated lesson horse but she is bonded with you now.

    I am sure you’ll get past this tomorrow with Eli and be back to enjoying time together as a team riding. And hey, even if you did fall it isn’t far.

    I am fortunate to be able to “speak” animal (which means I can communicate in pictures like animals and encode them). I only do communication as part of my energetic healing work where they communicate naturally. or unpaid for folks if there is an issue I can help with. I won’t intrude if an animal doesn’t want to talk, alot of folks just barge in and force an animal to some degree.

    I also try to find things that are concrete vs. unverifiable so I can figure out if I’m crazy or full of crap 🙂 This is one of those things that is a gift that makes me a bit uncomfortable. One of the most amazing animal communications I ever experienced was with a horse across the country I had never met. The owner didn’t know I had “met” with her horse that morning — she told me later not only was her horse different from the time she came to his stall, his lesson was the best ever and the trainer even commented her horse seemed different. The really funny thing was I advised her to do ground work with him, and she said her trainer told her after the lesson to walk and hang out with him on the ground for an hour, which she had never said before.

    Her horse showed me a banana and she said that was his absolute favorite thing. He also showed my a supplement he was getting that he said he hated — it was the exact description of a new supplement she was giving that he didn’t really need.

    Chloe is very special, every time I see a picture of her my heart feels just a bit larger. I adore donkeys and Fanny and Lulu are dolls, but they don’t give me the bump that Chloe does.

    I think she is a little big in the belly but not by much and as Jon said in his blog, winter is coming and she’ll thin out naturally. You guys are the best, esp. putting yourselves out there and having to field the mean crazies.

    1. It must be really interesting to have that gift Elizabeth. And your honest questioning it makes it seem all the more authentic to me. That’s a pretty convincing story about the horse. And not the usual either. Thanks for writing it’s all good to hear.

  2. Good luck today!
    It is never a good thing to witness a wreck (horse and rider parting). I was helping a friend with her mare last Saturday and she came off badly when she reared. It left me shaken for the rest of the trail ride although I trusted the horse I was on. She insisted on getting back on and finishing the ride to her credit.
    I hope Eli can help you. Fear in riding is a very common problem. With children, I get them on trail rides and make them talk to me as we ride. We talk about everything but riding, so they relax. If I ride alone, I often sing happy songs loudly. Oh the strange looks I used to get riding my little Arabian mare in a public park singing ” I got spurs that jingle, jangle jingle”! 🙂

  3. I know that you and Chloe -with some help from Eli – will figure this all out. Maybe one of the other people who commented is correct – Chloe only wants you to ride her. She has quite the personality…

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