Too Many Apples

We opened up the back pasture this morning and found that the apple trees there have just as much fruit as the tree in our yard.  The animals had a feast until we chased them out and closed the gates.  I was throwing apples over the fence so they wouldn’t eat too many.  Because a few apple are okay, but I don’t think the sheep, donkey’s or Chloe will stop eating them unless we make them.  And that many apples aren’t  good for anyone.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Apples

  1. You sheep are very lovely ….you are lucky …the munching of the crisp apples made my mouth water
    Great video you talented lady …….

  2. Hi Maria,
    LOVE the sounds as the animals crunch and munch. Thank you for having filmed that. Hope the sheep, Chloe, Fanny and Lulu didn’t overeat! Looked like they were enjoying the feast, alright.

    Your creativity is so inspiring! Thank you

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