Rachel Barlow’s Watercolors at the Bedlam Farm Open House

By Rachel Barlow
By Rachel Barlow

At the last Open House Rachel Barlow was selling magnets with her Picking My Battles cartoons on them.  This October at the Bedlam Farm Open House Rachel will be back with her magnets (although they’re in a completely new format) but she’s also going to be showing and selling her watercolors.  I’ve never seen Rachel’s paintings before and when I did, I was taken with how peaceful they feel.  They’re soft and gentle without being sappy. They pull me in, take me to a place I want to go.


By Rachel Barlow
By Rachel Barlow

I’m not sure if these two painting will be in my Gallery in October.  Rachel is participating in a few exhibits before then.  So these maybe sold.  If they’re not I’ll be thrilled to have them, if they are, I know whatever Rachel brings to the Open House will be just as beautiful as these are.

Rachel's Booklet "Disturbed and Dieting"
Rachel’s Booklet “Disturbed and Dieting”

Rachel will also be selling her new booklet, “Disturbed and Dieting”.  It’s a collection of all her Dieting cartoons  with her own lyrics set to the tune of Gene Autry’s “Back in the Saddle Again” .   It is disturbingly funny.  Dieting as a horror movie….that’s about right.

You can get to know Rachel better and see more of her work and writing on her blog Picking My Battles.

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