Marks on Paper

Blood marks from a pinprick to Jon’s finger on a scarp of paper.

I looked at the marks on the paper on Jon’s desk.  A watercolor for sure, someone was practicing making the painting a snake.  The heavy red-spotted underbelly.

But I know Jon isn’t painting in his study.  And I know he cut his finger yesterday.  Is this blood I asked him, It’s beautiful, can I have it?

How could something that to me looks so intentional be so unintentional.  Jon was just trying to stop the pinprick bleeding, but to me, theses marks are little works of art.  Something I might copy and use, or be inspired by at the very least.

2 thoughts on “Marks on Paper

  1. Only a true creative ( and snake admirer) would see what you did. But then, art and miracles have that in common – they are around us every day, but if we don’t keep our eyes and hearts wide open, they are easy to miss! Grateful for all the creative people in the world!

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