Some Old Art in New Places

Kasey, Leslie's new puppy and my pillow
Kasey, Leslie’s new puppy and my pillow

Usually when someone sends me a picture of my work in their home it’s of something they just bought.  But in the past few days two people sent me photos of my work and the new thing is not my work.

Leslie send me this picture of her new puppy Kasey with a pillow I made over a year ago.  I would say it must hold some good energy if Kasey wants to snuggle up to it and can fall asleep on it.

My Potholders in Jackie's new house
My Potholders in Jackie’s new house

This moring Jackie sent me this photo of my potholders, which were made over a couple of years (I think).  Jackie just moved into her new house and she said they brighten up the space.   I thought it so lovely to see them displayed this way.

3 thoughts on “Some Old Art in New Places

  1. I smiled. I have two of your pot holders on my office book case. The wood is a lovely back drop to your art and it reminds me to include beauty and creativity in the busy functional tasks of life (like much of what goes on in an office!). I call them my “mini book case quilts”. They bring me daily joy.

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