Listen to Mary Kellogg Read One Of Her Poems and Buy Her New Book “How to Dance”

Mary sat at her dining room table, in front of the picture window overlooking her yard and  the mountains,  that inspire many of her poems.  She was musing over the idea that so many people buy her poetry books.  Trying to make sense of it in a practical way.  Maybe she said it’s because her poems are uplifting and people need that now.   I told her I thought that was part of it, although Mary’s poems cover a wide range of emotions and deal equally with the realities of life.  I told her I think it’s because her poems are accessible.   People can relate to them and understand them.   And her story is a marvelous one.  Writing poetry since she’s 11 years old and never telling anyone.  She continued to write throughout her life, then told her secret to Jon when she was in her late 70’s.  Since then we’ve published three books of Mary’s poetry and they sell like crazy.

Mary Kellogg How to dance
Mary’s latest book “How to Dance”

Like all of Mary’s books this one has photos in it by Jon Katz.

You can watch Mary read her poem “Remnants” in the video above for a taste of the book.  And, you can buy one here.    Each book is signed by Mary and  I can also have Jon sign it, just ask.   They’re $15 + $6 shipping.  You can order it by using the paypal button below, or you can send me a check at Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.  If you have any questions you can email me here at [email protected].


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