Monday Morning at Bedlam Farm

When we first started putting hay out Chloe would try to grab it from  my  arms.  She tried to block my way and nose herself in front of me.  She was so pushy it made me nervous.  I held out my hand and yelled for her to get back.

I thought about what Jon told me when I first started feeding the animals at the Old Bedlam Farm.  He said that once they know they’ll all get as much food as they need, the animals won’t fight over it anymore.

This will be Chloe’s first winter with us.  It’s her first time being fed hay at Bedlam Farm.  She just didn’t know how it works.   So the next time I fed the animals,  I  gently held  out my hand to keep  Chloe a couple of feet  away from me and  the hay.   I didn’t get nervous and walked calmly to the feeder.

It only took a few days for Chloe to get it.  Now she walks along side who ever has the hay then waits at the feeder to eat it.  Sometimes she kicks her feet or tosses her head in excitement on the way to the feeder and makes gentle nickering noises, but she doesn’t cause any trouble.

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