Birch Tree Scarf For Sale

Birch Tree Scarf
Birch Tree Scarf

I was thinking of the birch tree, the one I took a video of the other day.  On that same day I saw a burly old tree, all bumpy and swirling, and to me the bark looked like lace.  I imagined making a tree, on one of the old quilts, made of lace and doilies and the embroidery from linens and hankies.   All that monochromatic texture.

But this morning I had the urge to make a scarf.  My plan was to use some of the special hankies I’ve been saving and figure out  what to do with them.

When I make my scarves, I have a way I sew them together.  It’s become a system, something I don’t even usually do myself.  I usually give them to Kim to sew.

But I felt like doing something different and as I was going through the hankies I got the idea to just start sewing some of the white and off-white ones together.  Not using my system, but haphazardly.  I wanted to make something layered where the hankies draped  and hung in unexpected ways.  Like the peeling  bark on the birch tree.   I sewed some doilies in for more texture.   I wanted it thick, to have substance, and be wispy at the same time.

And I wanted the bottoms to know they were the bottom.  I wanted them to have drag, something for the rest of the hankies to push up against.  So I sewed gathered hankies and doilies at their center,  and trimmed the bottoms with hand crocheted lace and vintage buttons.

Birch tree scarf bottom

My Birch Tree Scarf is Sold for sale.  It’s about 80″ long and is $60 + $8 shipping.    If you’re interested in it you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.


4 thoughts on “Birch Tree Scarf For Sale

  1. Maria, your imagination and creativity are an inspiration. I could ‘see’ the connection between the surface designs on the trees and the scarves so easily. It’s a wonderful scarf and whoever bought it will have much feedback on it, I think.
    SandyP in Canada

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