Healing Horses At Blue Star Equiculture

Me and Remix at Blue Star Equiculture
Me and Remix at Blue Star Equiculture

Are horses healing?  I’ve heard from so many people that they are.  I know that having Chloe has opened my eyes to so many issues I need to deal with about myself.  And  our donkeys, Fanny and Lulu,  ground me in away I’ve never experienced with any other animals.  But what I was to experience at Blue Star Equiculture was different.

I woke up feeling low this morning. I  knew it was because of  the holidays.  In the car, on the way to Blue Star, Jon and I talked about choosing to be happy, if it was always  a choice and how to go about doing it.

I was still thinking about it when we got to Blue Star.  But when we pulled in Pamela was heading out for a ride with writer   Suzanne Strempk Shea  and Josie, (who is sixteen, has been volunteering at BSE since she was 9 and won an award at the World Percheron Congress, with her horse Remix.)  I didn’t even get to button my jacket and Josie was off Remix  and offering to let me ride him.  Someone else, (I don’t even know who it was) brought over a step so I could get on Remix’s back.  Josie   whispered something to Remix then told me he’d be good for me.    I thanked her and only realized later how she gave up her ride for me.

I don’t understand why, but when I got on Remix, everything else faded away.  I forgot how down I was as we made our way around the perimeter of the big pasture.   And when we got back to the barn,  I slid off of Remix’s back and thanked him for the ride and for putting up with me.   He seemed to be listening to me, so patient and gentle.

And I felt different.  The dark  nervousness and worry that was churning inside of me was gone.   I felt clearer, more like myself, the gloom of the holidays lifted.

I can’t tell you how it happened, only that it happened.  And yes, I would say, without a doubt that horses are healing, probably in more ways than I’ll ever know.




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