A Bag Of Scraps from Hannah

The beginnings of a new quilt
The beginnings of a new quilt

Hannah sent me and Jon an envelope with a bunch of different things in it.  One was a baggie of small scraps of fabric.

I haven’t finished my “Longest Night” quilt yet, but I couldn’t help starting a new quilt this morning.   Because sometime between last night and this morning I saw those scraps of fabric floating on a ground of white.  I’m not sure what happens after that, but I couldn’t stop myself from starting to make what I saw in my mind, real.

Then, even better than flat white, I found an old faded tablecloth someone sent me and stated sewing.

I made up a rule for myself to begin with.   Each scrap had to have a piece of white between it and another scrap.

Don’t know if I’ll work on it or make the backing for my “Longest Night” Quilt tomorrow.  I guess I’ll know when I get to my studio in the morning.

new quilt 2

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  1. Hi Maria – well that was so exciting I almost choked on my cereal when I pulled your blog up this morning! I hoped you’d be able to use those scraps of fabric at some point in future, didn’t imagine they’d be on your mind and give you the kind of idea so striking you’d need to start working with them right now – but I’m so glad, and I totally understand! I have been rushing to finish some gift knitting, as I wanted to start knitting myself a wonderful hat with natural colored yarn from a friends flock of Shetland sheep. I made one as a gift already and realized I had enough leftover yarn for another one. It’s beautiful colors, ranging from white, cream, greys and browns through to almost black – I’ve been itching to finish the ‘obligation’ stuff so I could make a start on it – and now I’ve started can’t knit it up fast enough!

    I wonder if the warm weather and unusual lack of snow here in NY State is what made the white backing come to mind…..

    Each of those tiny pieces has a story, lighthouses on red background went into a quilt for my nephews cot when he was born, 2 years ago. A friend gave me the ‘USA’ brushed cotton pieces, and I included some in quilt blocks for an ‘international quilt’ my Dads 70th birthday is coming up, so I just included my completed blocks in the Christmas parcel that went back to the UK – my Mum has her completed blocks in Devon, England, and now has to join them all together.

    The cute triangular turquoise fabric with little raindrop shaped darker pattern on it are the bits I trimmed when making a diagonal join on strips of fabric for binding a quilt for a friend. The rainforest with bright iguanas and frogs were from a quilt for a coworker who loves reptiles.

    The lime green leaf and royal blue leaf on white background were from the odds and ends basket at my local village store – and I have loads of fabric with cat patterns on it.

    Prepare for some increased website traffic now – both my family in the UK, and my close friend here in Western NY – who taught me to quilt – do not understand why I’m a bit of a hoarder with tiny fabric scraps they would put straight in the trash. They sort of understood when I used some of the bigger pieces to try and make potholders like yours, but still looked a little bemused when I kept odd shaped, or skinny pieces. Now I can link to your post and show them why! I just KNEW they’d come in useful one day! Can’t wait to see where this idea takes you.

    Hannah / Englishsheepgal

    1. Hi Hannah! I love all the stories of those tiny scarps of fabric. And we have Katy’s Grandmother’s table cloth in them mix too. It’s something how you remember all the scraps and what you used them for. Yes and I hope your friends see the use in saving those tiny scraps. It was all the different shapes that inspired me. Now, like you said they’re all together to become something new. I have the bird book in my studio, but today there were only sparrows at the feeder for some reason. Maybe it’s the warm weather.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Hey that’s my grandmother’s old tablecloth! I always loved the design on it but it was obviously too worn to use as such, so I’m so glad to see it being put to beautiful use! Thank you! And I hope you and Jon have a very peaceful lovely Christmas!


    1. Oh thanks for the tablecloth Katy! It was just perfect for this piece. And I used it all up. I’m so glad you grandmother used it so much it got just the right amount of fade to it. and so glad you sent it to me. Thanks again.

  3. No problems, I’m so glad to see them being put to good use. Sure you have all sorts of other things around the studio that you’ll decide to pull in to create the next step with this piece.

    Yes my feeders are much busier when the weather’s colder – although your bird feeder gift for Jon seems to be a big hit with the Downy Woodpecker.

    (by the way, the title says scarps not scraps)

  4. Hannah, You are an inspiration to me always and thank you so much for introducing Maria’s blog to me as well. By the way, because of your encouragement, I did opened my knitting bag today and will learn to make hats this winter! Snow is coming to Vermont tomorrow! denise

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