What My Heart Requires

By Veronica Hallissey
By Veronica Hallissey

As a gift, the poet and artist Veronica Hallissey sent me this wallhanging she made.  So I thought, since today is my birthday, I’d give the gift of sharing it with all of you.

I have it hanging on my studio wall.  The imagery conveys the feeling of inner and outer space and the words remind me of the power each of us have to create  and recreate our lives.

I think the words mean so much for me partly because it’s just how my mind  and heart works.  In pictures and feelings.  Each time I read it,  what my heart requires does come into sweet focus.

Veronica, who has been writing all her life and is now in her 80’s. A few years ago she started  her beautiful blog  From the Upper Floor .  You can read her poetry and see her fabric art there.

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  1. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderfully creative person. I’ve added her blog to my list of blogs to follow.

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