Painting the Dining Room, A Sea Green Ceiling and a Salmon Table

Jon painting the dining room table.
Jon painting the dining room table.

I spent the weekend painting the Dining Room.  First the ceiling then the table.  Although, as you can see, Jon helped with the table.  He always wants  to do a part of the painting, just not too much.   But he did get a couple of the paper lights (one in the shape of a star the other a globe) from the  Village Store in town to help brighten up the room.

The dining room table was a big, heavy, brown thing that takes up most of the room and sucked up what little light there was.   Now it’s the pink of my favorite breakfast fish, Lox.  And the watery turquoise (leaning towards sea green) ceiling reflects the light from the windows during the day and all the lights at night.

I know by tomorrow afternoon the table will be piled up again with all our stuff, but  I’ll still be able to see those Salmon legs.   The kid at the hardware store sold me a gallon of the Salmon colored paint.  I should have known better, I didn’t use half of it.  So now I’m looking around the house and  thinking of what else I can paint pink.

I’m sure I’ll have some ideas by next weekend.

You can see a picture of the dining room, almost all done (the table’s still wet)  on Jon’s blog.

9 thoughts on “Painting the Dining Room, A Sea Green Ceiling and a Salmon Table

  1. Is the schoolhouse studio going to go from yellow to pink?

    I LOVE the new colors, it gives a wonderful energy to the room. And there’s nothing like that out-of-the-blue need to remake your space. I’ve done it, and it always feels wonderful when I’m done, even if when I’m in the middle I wonder why I’m doing it.

    1. Oh I wonder that a lot myself Karen. Why… but then when it’s done I know. I was actually thinking of a pink studio, but I don’t think I have the energy to do it. It took me long enough to get the whole studio painted yellow. I think our house would look great in pink, but again, too much work for me.

  2. Maria, when the dining room is all done, post pictures of it. The colours are great. The former owner would never recognize the old house. I’ve always wondered why people in the northern hemisphere live with such quiet muted colours when our winters are so long and colourless.
    SandyP in Can.

    1. Me to Sandy. Why in the tropical places are the colors so bright and we have such formal colors. I’ve always been drawn to pink stucco houses. And painting the inside of the house these colors is infectious. I’ll try to post some photos, but my camera doesn’t really capture the colors. Jon has some photos on his blog that are good.

  3. Maria
    It loves wonderful!
    The dining room looks fantastic (the bathroom too!)
    I love your colour sense!

    Your home look so warm and cosy.


  4. Maria I LOVE this. You’re not afraid to use color (but of course – you’re an artist!) This is such an inspiration for me to not be so timid – I’ve always hesitated to really step out and be bold – to take a chance. What’s the worst scenario…another bucket of paint and a do-over!?! Thanks so much for sharing. As always, I wish there was a thumbs up button to push. You’ll just have to envision me giving you one in real life. Big smiles 🙂

    1. Kathy, if you do paint something in some bold colors I’d love to see it. Like you say, what’s the worse that can happen. And you might just love it.

  5. I just absolutely LOVE what you’ve done! I would never have thought of doing anything close to that but it’s fantastic! What a great creative mind you have! Way to go, Maria! It’s inspiring!

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