Public Bathrooms, Some Things I Noticed This Weekend


Wall paper in the Stewart's bathroom
Wallpaper in the Stewart’s bathroom

I spent more time than usual driving long distances this weekend.  Along the way I found myself in different public bathrooms.   Thinking about recording some of the things I notice, I took some pictures.

Stewart’s is like the 7-11 of Upstate NY.  Except  you can usually depend on them for having clean bathrooms.  And their bathrooms actually have wall paper in them.   I couldn’t help noticing the graffiti on this one.  I think it says a lot about an area when the graffiti is about Border collies herding cows.

Sign in the bathroom on I-90 in Massachuttes
Sign in the women’s room on I-90 in Massachusetts

Really?! I thought looking at this sign behind the toilet in the women’s bathroom on the Mass Turnpike,  all those things that can’t be flushed.   Who would imagine the list could be so long.   And what’s up with the “GREASE”.  I mean who carries grease around and dumps it in the toilet at a rest stop.  The “HAIR” got me making up some pretty strange stories too.

Sign in a Chinese Restaurant
Sign in a Chinese Restaurant

Last is the  sign in the restroom of the Chinese Restaurant where we had lunch.  There were actually three or four signs in the bathroom, but this one was my favorite.  Theirs too I think, it was the only one that was framed.  Not only does it feel very personal to me, like they really mean it and really appreciate it.   But it’s in two, or is it three different languages.  There’s something aesthetically appealing to me about this one.




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