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Carrie's Intuition Doll
Carrie’s Intuition Doll

I get to know the people who buy my art mostly through email and the comments they leave on my blog and facebook.  And I send my work out all over the country and sometimes it even makes its way outside of the US.

So it always feels good when someone sends me a photo of one of my pieces in their home.

Carrie sent me a picture of one of my Intuition Dolls a while back.   I love seeing her dancing in the sunlight surrounded by plants.  The perfect environment.  I hope she’s doing her intuitive work for Carrie.

The potholder I made for James.
The potholder I made for Jim

It wasn’t too long ago that I got an email from Jim asking if he could buy one of my Frieda and Minnie Potholders.  I think it’s been a couple of years since I made one of them and I was ready to tell Jim that I don’t make them anymore.  But then I saw the photo of him and his dog Sugar Ray.  He told me their story and how much Jon’s book The Second Chance Dog,  about my dog Frieda, meant to him.    That got to me and I  made him the potholder above.  He  had a shadow box frame all ready when he received the potholder in the mail and sent me this photo soon after.   It still makes me smile thinking of it all.


Miss KItty
Miss Kitty, the mouse, Carols mousepad and my potholder.

And just two days ago Janet sent me this photo of Miss Kitty finding my Goddess Potholder as the perfect place to curl up.   It might have something to do with the computer mouse she’s got her eye on.   And I couldn’t help noticing that the mouse is on one of Carol Law Conklin’s mouse pads.   I  am a bit curious about what Miss Kitty does when Janet starts moving that mouse around.

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