The Time Of

out my studio window

I’ve given up on the conventional seasons this year.  The weather is too fickle.  One day the ground is covered in ice and the next its fifty degrees out.  So I’m going to make my own seasons.  They only last as long as they last and they speak of the weather indirectly.

So, right now,  it’s the time of Fate chewing on her bone outside.   I saw her from my studio window, lounging around on  the thawing ground.

7 thoughts on “The Time Of

  1. Brilliant idea. Fate is quite a character. She’s easily a whole season unto herself.
    Having written that I realize, character that she is, one season wouldn’t begin to do. Looking forward to all the others, Maria. Of Fate and whatever other seasons present themselves or take your fancy.

  2. What a great idea Maria. Maybe more of us can make our own seasons. Sounded bucolic in N.Y. I especially like your meaningful trinkets on the windowsill framing Fate on the lawn. In MA it was the season of observing. I watched Melody on her training ride with our instructor,Meredith. I learned how to work the complicated buckles (to me) on her new warm blanket. Then I watched her get a shave! Just her little lip and chin whiskers! It’s still too soon for me to ride.3 more weeks till appt. with surgeon. I wonder what season we’ll be in tomorrow?

  3. I certainly am Maria.Just returned from my private healing time with my Yoga instructor.She,s amazed at my progress! I hope your day was sweet 🙂

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