Can You See The Creative Spark



Who can see the Creative Spark.  Can we see it in ourselves, or only in others.

Jon saw it in me, and with a  some encouragement from him and hard work from me,  my whole life changed.

Yesterday, when I was walking in the woods and these words came to me.  I felt that I too am now able to see the Creative Spark in other people.  And I can feel it in myself.

The Creative Spark, is that thing you get lost in.  That thing you do because it’s what you do, who you are.  It  the easiest thing to do but takes work and dedication.  It’s how you would  choose to spend your time.

It’s life affirming and expansive.  You want to share it, because it’s as good for the rest of the world as it is for you.

Once you can see it in yourself and live it, then you can begin to see it other people.  The Creative Spark,  sets us apart and connects us to each other.

(I believe  I Can See Your Creative Spark is sold.  I’m waiting to hear back from someone who’s interested in it.  If it isn’t sold, I’ll be sure to post it again. )

6 thoughts on “Can You See The Creative Spark

  1. I like what you write about the “creative spark”. I love getting lost in it. It’s made such a much needed difference in my life. I feel I’m living on purpose now more than ever.

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