A True Romantic


My very romantic 6 foot fiberglass ladder
My very romantic 6 foot fiberglass ladder

The 8 foot fiberglass ladder wasn’t heavy but still unwieldy.  I set it up in front of the leaking gutter on the back porch to see if I could fix it.  Jon stood in the driveway with the dogs watching.

I looked at Jon and said ” The only thing I miss about my other marriage is the little green garden shovel and I eventually got one of them, and  the 6 foot fiberglass ladder.  It was the perfect size for so many things, and easy to move around.”  Jon didn’t say a word, but he had a funny look on his face.  A moment later he said, ” I’ll be right back” and he and Fate drove off.

I fixed the leaky gutter, cleaned the chicken house and took down the Christmas lights.   A few minutes later Jon was back.  He pulled a 6 foot fiberglass ladder out of the back of the car.  “There” he said, “now you don’t have to miss anything from the other marriage”.

I hugged him, tears welling in my eyes, who ever thought a ladder could be so romantic.  I brought the ladder in the house, I don’t want to get it dirty.  Not yet.

11 thoughts on “A True Romantic

  1. I absolutely love this sweet story as much as Jon’s. It makes me laughing, such a sweetest little things, Asian pear and a ladder is a gift of true love!! You have a great husband. Love both of your and Jon’s blogs.

    I hope to meet both of you, your farm and animals one day. I also reside in Upstate NY, Ithaca, only about four hours drive.
    You both and the animals are very very blessed to have each other living in a beautiful and peaceful farm!!

  2. Beautiful ladder, nice thinking on Jon’s part, but there is no way you’d ever get me on one! Eavestroughs are for boys!

  3. It’s seems so much more than an ordinary ladder. This is a gift of ascension… something that takes you higher. Love is like that. It helps us reach farther than ever before.

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