Some Detail From Roger’s Quilt

Detail from Roger's quilt

There are certain small details that happen when I’m making a quilt.  Some I plan and some surprise me.  They sometimes get lost when you look at the whole thing, but it’s always my hope that someone will eventually see them and appreciate them as I do.

When I chose to sew these two pieces of the same shirt together, the bottom of the pockets, off center with each other, I didn’t know just how  lovely it would look.  The texture and wear is subtle, compared to Roger’s Hawaiian shirts.  It’s slower, but worth noticing.

roger's quilt detail2

The bird is from one of Roger’s ties.  And the crescent moon above it is a smudge of paint from Roger’s painting pants. I didn’t see that until after I sewed it together.

roger's quilt detail

I like to keep pockets and buttons  when I can.  I don’t want someone’s clothes to just become fabric.  I like them to be able to keep some of their identity as “shirt” or “pants”.

Roger's quil tback

I was actually able to make the back of the quilt using all of Roger’s clothes.  So in a way, it’s a double sided quilt.  Susan told me she was glad I was able to use the New York City t-shirt.  I didn’t know it had a special meaning for her, but I did know how much Susan and Roger loved their trips to New York.  I tried to use it on the front, but it just didn’t work.  I knew I would use it on the back.

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