Grazing in the Back Pasture

Chloe heard me opening the gate to the back pasture and came running.  It took the donkeys and sheep a few minutes to realize the gate was open.   Jon was out with a friend and the dogs taking pictures in the woods, so I didn’t have Red’s help in moving the animals.  But they all seemed to know where to go.

Chloe found some good grass in the back pasture
Chloe found some good grass in the back pasture

One thought on “Grazing in the Back Pasture

  1. Thank you, Maria, for today’s video. I loved it. Watching the sheep just bounce along they looked like little, fluffy butterballs just bouncing along out there. And seeing the donkeys cross over reminded me of how difficult it was to get Lulu to cross over when you first created “Lulu’s Crossing.” Chloe looks like she is in seventh heaven; what joy for all of them to go out into that green grass!!!!

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