Red Hen And the Purple Pansies

Red hen and pansy

I filled the urn up with purple pansies two weeks ago.  Now it looks like an Adam’s Family flower pot.  All stems sticking up, the flowers snipped off and lying around the porch or in the urn.  I thought it was the rabbits I saw running around the yard.  Or maybe a squirrel.

But then today I was sitting on the back porch and right in front of me Red Hen comes over to the pot and “snip!” I see the purple pansy fall to the ground.  Red Hen doesn’t eat it, just snips it off then moves on to the next flower.

This is a first.

Tomorrow I’ll transplant the pansies into a hanging basket and plant wildflower seeds in the urn.  Hopefully they won’t be as tempting as the pansies.  But if I find them cut down before they get to bloom, at least I’ll know what’s going on.  Then I’ll just have to figure something else out.

5 thoughts on “Red Hen And the Purple Pansies

  1. Maria, a hen on the loose around a flower pot on the ground or in the garden is like finding a gourmet restaurant to a hen. Hanging baskets might solve the problem but a garden to a hen is an invitation to a banquet.
    Love the sox, I’m glad to know your bead lady is recovered and working again in her store.

    1. Ugh Sandy, I hardly want to deprive them when you put it that way. But I will if they continue to bother my flowers. So far they’ve been pretty good, except for the pansies. Although I remember when we first moved here they destroyed my Hens and Chicks plant. Maybe it’s in the name.

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