Spring Fever


Either an owl pellet or coyote scat of fur
Coyote scat of fur.  This was in the pasture too

The giant maple hanging over my studio had been humming with bees for three days.  This morning it’s colder inside my studio than out.  So I propped my door open with a rock and put the screen in my window, letting the warm air in.

I found old deer bones in the pasture, an egg the size of a chicken’s in the woods and listened to tapping coming from inside a skinny pine.

Today spring is here in the way that makes me want to throw off my sweater and walk barefoot again.  It’s the spring that makes me want to be outside,  leaving  everything behind for the freedom of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. I’ve taken so many photos of scat like this when I’m out on walks. I love how it’s proof that there are more creatures than we usually see, sharing this space with us.

    1. It is evidence and right there for us to see if we’re paying attention. And they really do want us to know that they’re there, along with every other animal in the area. We’re scat collectors!

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