The Donkeys Touch Me Like The Ocean

Photo by Jon Katz
Photo by Jon Katz

I felt it immediately when I squatted down next to Fanny and Lulu after coming back from Hampton Beach.   It was as if I was back on the beach, the distance of the horizon drawing me out of myself, the sound of the waves enveloping me in calm.

I would think such small and sturdy creatures had little in common with the vastness of the sea.  And yet, I realized  I  get the same feeling when I’m quiet with Fanny and Lulu as I do when I’m being quiet with the ocean.

They both make space in my head and my heart.


3 thoughts on “The Donkeys Touch Me Like The Ocean

  1. That’s beautiful. When I read the post’s title I thought you were going to say that the way they nudge you for attention made you feel like you were in the water, tugged slightly this way, then that.

    I’m sure they were happy to have you home again

  2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all mankind could make the same connection as you do with your animals. The world might be a more gentle place.

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