Three Sisters Garden


Fate and the piece of earth to grow a Three Sisters Garden.
Fate and the piece of earth where I’ll  grow a Three Sisters Garden.

Today I started my Three Sisters Garden.  Corn, beans and squash.  I’ll plant the seeds tomorrow.  It took me a good part of the day to dig up the grass, making a plot about 7″x8″.

I read about the Three Sisters, in the book Braiding Sweetgrass while we were away this week.  I’ve heard of the this kind of planting before, but when I read Robin Wall Kimmerer’s description of the garden and it’s meaning, it touched something deep inside of me.

It’s not  about wanting  this garden for myself, but wanting to be a part of this ancient tradition.  Wanting to work with and get to know the earth in this way.  This exchange between me and her.

I’ll write more about it tomorrow, after I plant the seeds.

2 thoughts on “Three Sisters Garden

  1. Such wonderful thought goes into this garden. When it grows, it will be a loving tribute to you and to its ancient meaning and connection to the native Americans who lived so long ago and lost so much. I have always seen them as the stewards of the land; we could have learned so much from them, but chose instead to take from them, and I mean that in the negative sense.
    I have felt for so long that the people who lived here so long ago were truly the ones who understood nature and the necessity of keeping its balance. Perhaps climate change in its form that we see today might have been avoided if we had learned from the ancient people who were here long before we came.
    It is a tribute to you, Maria, that you have chosen to keep and protect the tradition of the “three sisters” and that you have so lovingly shared it with the boys who come to visit and learn so much from you and Jon as well as the animals of the peaceable kingdom. Thank you.

    1. I think about how much Europeans have changed the land in such a short time and in mostly destructive ways. Maybe this is a small way for me to try and understand a different way of living.

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