Marilyn Brooks and her Paintings at The Bedlam Farm Open House

Marilyn starts with a photo then, using oil paint creates her very own vision of that image.  She moves trees around, adds buildings where there were none and let the process of creating dictate the weather conditions.

At some point the painting tells Marilyn what it wants to become and she follows its lead.

Most of her landscapes are soft and inviting.  Yet they seem to be trying to  reach beyond the familiar.  Leaving space for the unknown.

I spent a good part of the afternoon editing the video I took of Marilyn talking about her paintings.   It’s over five minutes long, longer than most people spend watching a video.  But, there was a technical glitch I couldn’t figure out.    And in a way I’m glad, because now you get to see Marilyn unedited, so you can get a better feeling for her and where her work comes from.

Marilyn will be showing and selling her work a the Bedlam Farm Open House June 25th and 26th.  For more details click here.

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