Three Sisters Garden

three sisters garden

I get about a bag full of junk wool each time the sheep are shorn.  It’s the really dirty wool from around their butts and legs.  I always feel bad just throwing it in the garbage and sometimes I dump it in the woods hoping some animals will used it for their nests.

I had a two bags in the barn from last year and after planting my Three Sisters Garden, I  remembered that someone  once told me it makes good mulch.

I  had enough wool for most of the garden and plan on using the junk wool from this June’s shearing to cover the rest.  It looks a little strange, to see the garden covered in wool, but I like the idea of it so much, I know how it looks will grow on me.

And my garden seems to be thriving.  Not all the beans came up, but there’s corn on each mound and the squash and pumpkins are getting big leaves.  And dare I say it… so far, the chicken wire  (with a little help from the cats) is keeping the bunnies out.

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