From Studio to Gallery

studio 1

It’s that time again.  When my studio turns into a gallery.  This is what my studio looked like this morning at 9am.

studio 2

When it came time to vacuum, I decided it was also time to take a lunch break. (Jon brought me a piece of strawberry short cake from the Round House)  But after that I vacuumed  the floor and walls and windows, sucking up seven months of dust and dog hair and  thread and fabric and buttons and pins and on it goes….

studio 3

It’s 5pm now and I’ve got pretty much everything out of the studio that I want out (it’s all piled up in the laundry and dining room) but not everything in.

That won’t happen till Wednesday.  By then all the artists will have dropped off their work.   Then I get to hang it all.

Jon has a different take on what goes on these days before the Open House.  He wrote about it today on his blog.  I guess it’s pretty accurate, although I can’t really be sure.  I’m so into what I’m doing it’s hard to remember from one moment to the next.

2 thoughts on “From Studio to Gallery

  1. How exciting! I’ll be there on Saturday and bringing my husband Dan! Hey Maria, a gentle reminder too that bringing a mirror into the gallery could help sales. Mirror, mirror on the wall … See you soon!

    1. It will be good to see you again Janet and meet Dan. And thanks for the gentle reminder. I had forgotten and it’s a good idea.

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