My Drawing Made Real


The little shelf I found at the dump
The little shelf I found at the dump

It was like I was looking at one of my drawings.  Surrounded by broken fans and lamps, tables, chairs and  all kinds of unrecognizable junk, was this shelf.  We were at the dump.   I dropped my bucket with recyclables in it, scooped  up the shelf  and put it in the car.

Made of plywood and scraps, someone put it together with enough care to add that decorative flourish at the bottom.  It used to be a cabinet with a door on the front of it.

If I had drawn it, it would have had a drawer in the small space on top and would be pink not brown.  That’s what I saw when I first glanced it at the dump.  One of my drawings come to life.

Now it’s on the back porch.  I’ll paint it pink, put a lamp on top of it and find a place for it in the house…or in one of my drawings.

A small table from a drawings on one of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags.
A detail from one of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags.



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  1. My nightstand is a dump rescue that I painted and had a friend make a drawer for it…. It’s moved 9 times with me and happily holds books and yarn, and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture — I love that you drew it before finding it 🙂

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