Ally To The Gods

Jon and Flo, last winter
Jon and Flo, last winter

This morning I opened up one of our Hafiz poetry books that was sitting on top of a pile of books.  I read the poem “If What You Say Becomes Memorable”  It made reminded me of Jon, of his blog, his work.

If What You Say Becomes Memorable   By Hafiz

Most that is said is really like a distant echo. 
Few minds are strong enough,

free enough of prejudice and arrogance for
original thought to want to pass through.

The body is like a vase, a bell that can chime.
It does so to varying degrees in response to
every experience and feeling.

The value of vases can differ, as you know,
quite a bit.

How does heaven assign worth to our sounds?
It comes down to this:

If what you say or do becomes memorable to
another in times of need,

an ally are you then considered by the gods.

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